pubsub.h File Reference

Header for OO publish-subscribe functionality. More...

#include "lib/pubsub/pub_binding_st.h"
#include "lib/pubsub/pubsub_connect.h"
#include "lib/pubsub/pubsub_flags.h"
#include "lib/pubsub/pubsub_macros.h"
#include "lib/pubsub/pubsub_publish.h"

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Detailed Description

Header for OO publish-subscribe functionality.

This module provides a wrapper around the "dispatch" module, ensuring type-safety and allowing us to do static analysis on publication and subscriptions.

With this module, we enforce:

We do this by making "publication requests" and "subscription requests" into objects, and doing some computation on them before we create a dispatch_t with them.

Rather than using the dispatch module directly, a publishing module receives a "binding" object that it uses to send messages with the right settings.

Most users of this module will want to use this header, and the pubsub_macros.h header for convenience.

Definition in file pubsub.h.