Data Structures
var_type_def_st.h File Reference

Structure declarations for typedvar type definitions. More...

#include <stdbool.h>

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Data Structures

struct  var_type_fns_t
struct  var_type_def_t

Detailed Description

Structure declarations for typedvar type definitions.

This structure is used for defining new variable types. If you are not defining a new variable type for use by the configuration management system, you don't need this structure.

For defining new variables, see the types in conftypes.h.

For data-driven access to configuration variables, see the other members of lib/confmgt/.

STATUS NOTE: It is not yet possible to actually define new variables outside of config.c, and many of the types that will eventually be used to do so are not yet moved. This will change as more of #29211 is completed.

Definition in file var_type_def_st.h.