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void cpuworker_init (void)
void cpuworkers_rotate_keyinfo (void)
void cpuworker_consensus_has_changed (const networkstatus_t *ns)
struct workqueue_entry_tcpuworker_queue_work (enum workqueue_priority_t priority, enum workqueue_reply_t(*fn)(void *, void *), void(*reply_fn)(void *), void *arg)
int assign_onionskin_to_cpuworker (or_circuit_t *circ, struct create_cell_t *onionskin)
uint64_t estimated_usec_for_onionskins (uint32_t n_requests, uint16_t onionskin_type)
void cpuworker_log_onionskin_overhead (int severity, int onionskin_type, const char *onionskin_type_name)
void cpuworker_cancel_circ_handshake (or_circuit_t *circ)
unsigned int cpuworker_get_n_threads (void)

Detailed Description

Header file for cpuworker.c.

Definition in file cpuworker.h.

Function Documentation

◆ assign_onionskin_to_cpuworker()

int assign_onionskin_to_cpuworker ( or_circuit_t circ,
create_cell_t onionskin 

Try to tell a cpuworker to perform the public key operations necessary to respond to onionskin for the circuit circ.

Return 0 if we successfully assign the task, or -1 on failure.

Definition at line 584 of file cpuworker.c.

◆ cpuworker_cancel_circ_handshake()

void cpuworker_cancel_circ_handshake ( or_circuit_t circ)

If circ has a pending handshake that hasn't been processed yet, remove it from the worker queue.

Definition at line 657 of file cpuworker.c.

Referenced by onion_pending_remove().

◆ cpuworker_consensus_has_changed()

void cpuworker_consensus_has_changed ( const networkstatus_t ns)

Called when the consensus has changed.

Definition at line 111 of file cpuworker.c.

◆ cpuworker_get_n_threads()

unsigned int cpuworker_get_n_threads ( void  )

Return the number of threads configured for our CPU worker.

Definition at line 150 of file cpuworker.c.

◆ cpuworker_init()

void cpuworker_init ( void  )

Initialize the cpuworker subsystem. It is OK to call this more than once during Tor's lifetime.

Definition at line 121 of file cpuworker.c.

◆ cpuworker_log_onionskin_overhead()

void cpuworker_log_onionskin_overhead ( int  severity,
int  onionskin_type,
const char *  onionskin_type_name 

If we've measured overhead for onionskins of type onionskin_type, log it.

Definition at line 346 of file cpuworker.c.

◆ cpuworker_queue_work()

struct workqueue_entry_t * cpuworker_queue_work ( workqueue_priority_t  priority,
workqueue_reply_t(*)(void *, void *)  fn,
void(*)(void *)  reply_fn,
void *  arg 


Definition at line 567 of file cpuworker.c.

◆ cpuworkers_rotate_keyinfo()

void cpuworkers_rotate_keyinfo ( void  )

Called when the onion key has changed so update all CPU worker(s) with new function pointers with which a new state will be generated.

Definition at line 242 of file cpuworker.c.

◆ estimated_usec_for_onionskins()

uint64_t estimated_usec_for_onionskins ( uint32_t  n_requests,
uint16_t  onionskin_type 

Return an estimate of how many microseconds we will need for a single cpuworker to process n_requests onionskins of type onionskin_type.

Definition at line 298 of file cpuworker.c.