evloop Directory Reference

lib/evloop: Low-level event loop.



file  compat_libevent.c [code]
 Wrappers and utility functions for Libevent.
file  compat_libevent.h [code]
 Header for compat_libevent.c.
file  evloop_sys.c [code]
 Subsystem definition for the event loop module.
file  evloop_sys.h [code]
 Declare subsystem object for the event loop module.
file  procmon.c [code]
 Process-termination monitor functions.
file  procmon.h [code]
 Headers for procmon.c.
file  timers.c [code]
 Wrapper around William Ahern's fast hierarchical timer wheel implementation, to tie it in with a libevent backend.
file  timers.h [code]
 Header for timers.c.
file  token_bucket.c [code]
 Functions to use and manipulate token buckets, used for rate-limiting on connections and globally.
file  token_bucket.h [code]
 Headers for token_bucket.c.
file  workqueue.c [code]
 Implements worker threads, queues of work for them, and mechanisms for them to send answers back to the main thread.
file  workqueue.h [code]
 Header for workqueue.c.

Detailed Description

lib/evloop: Low-level event loop.

This modules has tools to manage the libevent event loop and related functionality, in order to implement asynchronous networking, timers, periodic events, and other scheduling tasks.