dispatch Directory Reference

lib/dispatch: In-process message delivery.



file  dispatch.h [code]
 Low-level APIs for message-passing system.
file  dispatch_cfg.c [code]
 Create and configure a dispatch_cfg_t.
file  dispatch_cfg.h [code]
 Header for distpach_cfg.c.
file  dispatch_cfg_st.h [code]
 Declarations for dispatch-configuration types.
file  dispatch_core.c [code]
 Core module for sending and receiving messages.
file  dispatch_naming.c [code]
 Name-to-ID maps for our message dispatch system.
file  dispatch_naming.h [code]
 Header for dispatch_naming.c.
file  dispatch_new.c [code]
 Code to construct a dispatch_t from a dispatch_cfg_t.
file  dispatch_st.h [code]
 private structures used for the dispatcher module
file  msgtypes.h [code]
 Types used for messages in the dispatcher code.

Detailed Description

lib/dispatch: In-process message delivery.

This module provides a general in-process "message dispatch" system in which typed messages are sent on channels. The dispatch.h header has far more information.

It is used by by lib/pubsub to implement our general inter-module publish/subscribe system.

This is not a fancy multi-threaded many-to-many dispatcher as you may be used to from more sophisticated architectures: this dispatcher is intended only for use in improving Tor's architecture.