string Directory Reference

lib/string: Low-level string manipulation.



file  compat_ctype.c [code]
 Locale-independent character-type inspection (backend)
file  compat_ctype.h [code]
 Locale-independent character-type inspection (header)
file  compat_string.c [code]
 Useful string-processing functions that some platforms don't provide.
file  compat_string.h [code]
 Header for compat_string.c.
file  parse_int.c [code]
 Convert strings into the integers they encode, with bounds checking.
file  parse_int.h [code]
 Header for parse_int.c.
file  printf.c [code]
 Compatibility wrappers around snprintf and its friends.
file  printf.h [code]
 Header for printf.c.
file  scanf.c [code]
 Locale-independent minimal implementation of sscanf().
file  scanf.h [code]
 Header for scanf.c.
file  util_string.c [code]
 Non-standard string functions used throughout Tor.
file  util_string.h [code]
 Header for util_string.c.

Detailed Description

lib/string: Low-level string manipulation.

We have a number of compatibility functions here: some are for handling functionality that is not implemented (or not implemented the same) on every platform; some are for providing locale-independent versions of libc functions that would otherwise be defined differently for different users.

Other functions here are for common string-manipulation operations that we do in the rest of the codebase.

Any string function high-level enough to need logging belongs in a higher-level module.