err Directory Reference

lib/err: Lowest-level error handling code.



file  backtrace.c [code]
 Functions to produce backtraces on bugs, crashes, or assertion failures.
file  backtrace.h [code]
 Header for backtrace.c.
file  torerr.c [code]
 Handling code for unrecoverable emergencies, at a lower level than the logging code.
file  torerr.h [code]
 Headers for torerr.c.
file  torerr_sys.c [code]
 Subsystem object for the error handling subsystem.
file  torerr_sys.h [code]
 Declare subsystem object for torerr.c.

Detailed Description

lib/err: Lowest-level error handling code.

This module is responsible for generating stack traces, handling raw assertion failures, and otherwise reporting problems that might not be safe to report via the regular logging module.

There are three kinds of users for the functions in this module: