time Directory Reference

lib/time: Higher-level time functions



file  compat_time.c [code]
 Portable wrappers for finding out the current time, running timers, etc.
file  compat_time.h [code]
 Functions and types for monotonic times.
file  time_sys.c [code]
 Subsystem object for monotime setup.
file  time_sys.h [code]
 Declare subsystem object for the time module.
file  tvdiff.c [code]
 Compute the difference between timevals, in various units.
file  tvdiff.h [code]
 Header for tvdiff.c.

Detailed Description

lib/time: Higher-level time functions

This includes both fine-grained timers and monotonic timers, along with wrappers for them to try to improve efficiency.

For "what time is it" in UTC, see lib/wallclock. For parsing and encoding times and dates, see lib/encoding.