process Directory Reference

lib/process: Launch and manage subprocesses.



file  daemon.c [code]
 Run the tor process in the background (unix only)
file  daemon.h [code]
 Header for daemon.c.
file  env.c [code]
 Inspect and manipulate the environment variables.
file  env.h [code]
 Header for env.c.
file  pidfile.c [code]
 Record this process's PID to disk.
file  pidfile.h [code]
 Header for pidfile.c.
file  process.c [code]
 Module for working with other processes.
file  process.h [code]
 Header for process.c.
file  process_sys.c [code]
 Subsystem object for process setup.
file  process_sys.h [code]
 Declare subsystem object for the process module.
file  process_unix.c [code]
 Module for working with Unix processes.
file  process_unix.h [code]
 Header for process_unix.c.
file  process_win32.c [code]
 Module for working with Windows processes.
file  process_win32.h [code]
 Header for process_win32.c.
file  restrict.c [code]
 Drop privileges from the current process.
file  restrict.h [code]
 Header for restrict.c.
file  setuid.c [code]
 Change the user ID after Tor has started (Unix only)
file  setuid.h [code]
 Header for setuid.c.
file  waitpid.c [code]
 Convenience structures for handlers for handling waitpid().
file  waitpid.h [code]
 Headers for waitpid.c.

Detailed Description

lib/process: Launch and manage subprocesses.