metrics Directory Reference

lib/metrics: Metrics collection API



file  metrics_common.c [code]
 Common code for the metrics library.
file  metrics_common.h [code]
 Header for lib/metrics/metrics_common.c.
file  metrics_store.c [code]
 Metrics interface to store them based on specific store type and get their MetricsPort output.
file  metrics_store.h [code]
 Header for lib/metrics/metrics_store.c.
file  metrics_store_entry.c [code]
 Metrics store entry which contains the gathered data.
file  metrics_store_entry.h [code]
 Header for lib/metrics/metrics_store_entry.c.
file  prometheus.c [code]
 Metrics format driver for Prometheus data model.
file  prometheus.h [code]
 Header for feature/metrics/prometheus.c.

Detailed Description

lib/metrics: Metrics collection API

This module is used for adding "metrics" support to Tor.

Metrics are a collection of counters that are defined per-subsystem and accessed through the MetricsPort. Each subsystem is responsible for populating metrics store(s) and providing access to them through the .get_metrics() call located in the subsys_fns_t object.

These metrics are meant to be extremely lightweight and thus can be accessed without too much CPU cost.