main Directory Reference

app/main: Entry point for tor.



file  main.c [code]
 Invocation module. Initializes subsystems and runs the main loop.
file  main.h [code]
 Header file for main.c.
file  ntmain.c [code]
 Entry points for running/configuring Tor as a Windows Service.
file  ntmain.h [code]
 Header file for ntmain.c.
file  risky_options.c [code]
 List compile-time options that might make Tor less reliable.
file  risky_options.h [code]
 Header for risky_options.c.
file  shutdown.c [code]
 Code to free global resources used by Tor.
file  shutdown.h [code]
 Header file for shutdown.c.
file  subsysmgr.c [code]
 Manager for Tor's subsystems.
file  subsysmgr.h [code]
 Header for subsysmgr.c.
file  subsystem_list.c [code]
 List of Tor's subsystems.
file  tor_main.c [code]
 Stub module containing a main() function.

Detailed Description

app/main: Entry point for tor.