proto Directory Reference

core/proto: Protocol encoding/decoding



file  proto_cell.c [code]
 Decodes Tor cells from buffers.
file  proto_cell.h [code]
 Header for proto_cell.c.
file  proto_control0.c [code]
 Code to detect the obsolete v0 control protocol.
file  proto_control0.h [code]
 Header for proto_control0.c.
file  proto_ext_or.c [code]
 Parsing/encoding for the extended OR protocol.
file  proto_ext_or.h [code]
 Header for proto_ext_or.c.
file  proto_http.c [code]
 Parse a subset of the HTTP protocol.
file  proto_http.h [code]
 Header for proto_http.c.
file  proto_socks.c [code]
 Implementations for SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 protocols.
file  proto_socks.h [code]
 Header for proto_socks.c.

Detailed Description

core/proto: Protocol encoding/decoding

These functions should (but do not always) exist at a lower level than most of the rest of core.