fs Directory Reference

lib/fs: Files, filenames, directories, etc.



file  conffile.c [code]
file  conffile.h [code]
 Read configuration files from disk, with full include support.
file  dir.c [code]
 Read directories, and create directories with restrictive permissions.
file  dir.h [code]
 Header for dir.c.
file  files.c [code]
file  files.h [code]
 Wrappers for reading and writing data to files on disk.
file  freespace.c [code]
 Find the available disk space on the current volume.
file  lockfile.c [code]
 Implements lock files to prevent two Tor processes from using the same data directory at the same time.
file  lockfile.h [code]
 Header for lockfile.c.
file  mmap.c [code]
 Cross-platform support for mapping files into our address space.
file  mmap.h [code]
 Header for mmap.c.
file  path.c [code]
 Manipulate strings that contain filesystem paths.
file  path.h [code]
 Header for path.c.
file  storagedir.c [code]
 An abstraction for a directory full of similar files.
file  storagedir.h [code]
 Header for storagedir.c.
file  userdb.c [code]
 Access the POSIX user database.
file  userdb.h [code]
 Header for userdb.c.
file  winlib.c [code]
 Find and load windows system libraries.
file  winlib.h [code]
 Header for winlib.c.

Detailed Description

lib/fs: Files, filenames, directories, etc.

This module is mostly a set of compatibility wrappers around operating-system-specific filesystem access.

It also contains a set of convenience functions for safely writing to files, creating directories, and so on.