Data Fields
cell_t Struct Reference

#include <cell_st.h>

Data Fields

circid_t circ_id
uint8_t command
uint8_t payload [CELL_PAYLOAD_SIZE]

Detailed Description

Parsed onion routing cell. All communication between nodes is via cells.

Definition at line 17 of file cell_st.h.

Field Documentation

◆ circ_id

circid_t circ_id

◆ command

uint8_t command

Type of the cell: one of CELL_PADDING, CELL_CREATE, CELL_DESTROY, etc

Definition at line 19 of file cell_st.h.

Referenced by cell_pack(), cell_unpack(), create_cell_format_impl(), create_cell_parse(), created_cell_format(), created_cell_parse(), and destroy_cell_to_packed_cell().

◆ payload

uint8_t payload[CELL_PAYLOAD_SIZE]

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