Data Fields
crypto_pk_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

SECKEYPrivateKey * seckey
SECKEYPublicKey * pubkey
int refs
RSA * key

Detailed Description

Declaration for crypto_pk_t structure.

A public key, or a public/private key-pair.

Definition at line 38 of file crypto_rsa_nss.c.

Field Documentation

◆ key

RSA* key

The key itself

Definition at line 42 of file crypto_rsa_openssl.c.

◆ pubkey

SECKEYPublicKey* pubkey

Definition at line 41 of file crypto_rsa_nss.c.

◆ refs

int refs

reference count, so we don't have to copy keys

Definition at line 41 of file crypto_rsa_openssl.c.

◆ seckey

SECKEYPrivateKey* seckey

Definition at line 40 of file crypto_rsa_nss.c.

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