Data Fields
ed25519_secret_key_t Struct Reference

#include <crypto_ed25519.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t seckey [ED25519_SECKEY_LEN]

Detailed Description

An Ed25519 secret key

Definition at line 28 of file crypto_ed25519.h.

Field Documentation

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uint8_t seckey[ED25519_SECKEY_LEN]

Note that we store secret keys in an expanded format that doesn't match the format from standard ed25519. Ed25519 stores a 32-byte value k and expands it into a 64-byte H(k), using the first 32 bytes for a multiplier of the base point, and second 32 bytes as an input to a hash function for deriving r. But because we implement key blinding, we need to store keys in the 64-byte expanded form.

Definition at line 35 of file crypto_ed25519.h.

Referenced by ed25519_keypair_blind(), ed25519_keypair_from_curve25519_keypair(), ed25519_public_key_generate(), ed25519_seckey_read_from_file(), ed25519_secret_key_from_seed(), ed25519_secret_key_generate(), and ed25519_sign().

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