Data Fields
hsdir_index_t Struct Reference

#include <hsdir_index_st.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t fetch [DIGEST256_LEN]
uint8_t store_first [DIGEST256_LEN]
uint8_t store_second [DIGEST256_LEN]

Detailed Description

Hidden service directory index used in a node_t which is set once we set the consensus.

Definition at line 17 of file hsdir_index_st.h.

Field Documentation

◆ fetch

uint8_t fetch[DIGEST256_LEN]

HSDir index to use when fetching a descriptor.

Definition at line 19 of file hsdir_index_st.h.

Referenced by compare_digest_to_fetch_hsdir_index(), compare_node_fetch_hsdir_index(), and hs_control_desc_event_requested().

◆ store_first

uint8_t store_first[DIGEST256_LEN]

HSDir index used by services to store their first and second descriptor. The first descriptor is chronologically older than the second one and uses older TP and SRV values.

Definition at line 24 of file hsdir_index_st.h.

Referenced by compare_digest_to_store_first_hsdir_index(), and compare_node_store_first_hsdir_index().

◆ store_second

uint8_t store_second[DIGEST256_LEN]

Newer index, for second descriptor.

Definition at line 26 of file hsdir_index_st.h.

Referenced by compare_digest_to_store_second_hsdir_index(), and compare_node_store_second_hsdir_index().

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