Data Fields
network_liveness_t Struct Reference

#include <circuitstats.h>

Data Fields

time_t network_last_live
int nonlive_timeouts
int8_t * timeouts_after_firsthop
int num_recent_circs
int after_firsthop_idx

Detailed Description

Information about the state of our local network connection

Definition at line 163 of file circuitstats.h.

Field Documentation

◆ after_firsthop_idx

int after_firsthop_idx

◆ network_last_live

time_t network_last_live

The timestamp we last completed a TLS handshake or received a cell

Definition at line 165 of file circuitstats.h.

Referenced by circuit_build_times_network_close(), and circuit_build_times_network_is_live().

◆ nonlive_timeouts

int nonlive_timeouts

If the network is not live, how many timeouts has this caused?

Definition at line 167 of file circuitstats.h.

Referenced by circuit_build_times_network_check_live(), and circuit_build_times_network_is_live().

◆ num_recent_circs

int num_recent_circs

◆ timeouts_after_firsthop

int8_t* timeouts_after_firsthop

Circular array of circuits that have made it to the first hop. Slot is 1 if circuit timed out, 0 if circuit succeeded

Definition at line 170 of file circuitstats.h.

Referenced by circuit_build_times_free_timeouts(), circuit_build_times_init(), circuit_build_times_network_check_changed(), circuit_build_times_network_circ_success(), and circuit_build_times_network_timeout().

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