Data Fields
onion_handshake_state_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint16_t tag
union {
   struct fast_handshake_state_t *   fast
   struct crypto_dh_t *   tap
   struct ntor_handshake_state_t *   ntor
   struct ntor3_handshake_state_t *   ntor3

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file crypt_path_st.h.

Field Documentation

◆ fast

struct fast_handshake_state_t* fast

Definition at line 28 of file crypt_path_st.h.

◆ ntor

struct ntor_handshake_state_t* ntor

Definition at line 30 of file crypt_path_st.h.

◆ ntor3

struct ntor3_handshake_state_t* ntor3

Definition at line 31 of file crypt_path_st.h.

◆ tag

uint16_t tag

One of ONION_HANDSHAKE_TYPE_*. Determines which member of the union is accessible.

Definition at line 26 of file crypt_path_st.h.

Referenced by onion_handshake_state_release().

◆ tap

struct crypto_dh_t* tap

Definition at line 29 of file crypt_path_st.h.

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