Data Fields
periodic_event_item_t Struct Reference

#include <periodic.h>

Data Fields

periodic_event_helper_t fn
time_t last_action_time
struct mainloop_event_tev
const char * name
uint32_t roles
uint32_t flags
unsigned int enabled: 1

Detailed Description

A single item for the periodic-events-function table.

Definition at line 63 of file periodic.h.

Field Documentation

◆ enabled

unsigned int enabled

Definition at line 75 of file periodic.h.

◆ ev

struct mainloop_event_t* ev

Libevent callback we're using to implement this

Definition at line 66 of file periodic.h.

Referenced by periodic_event_connect(), periodic_event_launch(), periodic_event_reschedule(), and periodic_event_set_interval().

◆ flags

uint32_t flags

Definition at line 73 of file periodic.h.

◆ fn

The function to run the event

Definition at line 64 of file periodic.h.

◆ last_action_time

time_t last_action_time

The last time the function did something

Definition at line 65 of file periodic.h.

◆ name

const char* name

Name of the function – for debug

Definition at line 68 of file periodic.h.

◆ roles

uint32_t roles

Definition at line 71 of file periodic.h.

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