unglob_fn Struct Reference

#include <smartlist_core.h>

Data Fields

void ** list
int num_used
int capacity

Detailed Description

A resizeable list of pointers, with associated helpful functionality.

The members of this struct are exposed only so that macros and inlines can use them; all access to smartlist internals should go through the functions and macros defined here.

Expands the first path fragment of pattern that contains globs. The path fragment is between prev_sep and next_sep. If the path fragment is the last fragment of pattern, next_sep will be the index of the last char. Returns a list of paths resulting from the glob expansion of the path fragment. Anything after next_sep is not included in the returned list. Returns NULL on failure.

Definition at line 26 of file smartlist_core.h.

Field Documentation

◆ list

void** list

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