time.h File Reference

Definitions for timing-related constants. More...

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#define TOR_USEC_PER_SEC   (1000000)
#define TOR_NSEC_PER_USEC   (1000)
#define TOR_NSEC_PER_MSEC   (1000*1000)

Detailed Description

Definitions for timing-related constants.

Definition in file time.h.

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#define TOR_NSEC_PER_MSEC   (1000*1000)

How many nanoseconds per millisecond

Definition at line 21 of file time.h.


#define TOR_NSEC_PER_USEC   (1000)

How many nanoseconds per microsecond

Definition at line 19 of file time.h.


#define TOR_USEC_PER_SEC   (1000000)

How many microseconds per second

Definition at line 17 of file time.h.