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Token-pasting macros. More...

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#define PASTE(a, b)   PASTE__(a,b)
#define PASTE__(a, b)   a ## b

Detailed Description

Token-pasting macros.

Definition in file tokpaste.h.

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#define PASTE (   a,
)    PASTE__(a,b)

Concatenate a and b in a way that allows their result itself to be expanded by the preprocessor.

Ordinarily you could just say a ## b in a macro definition. But doing so results in a symbol which the preprocessor will not then expand. If you wanted to use a ## b to create the name of a macro and have the preprocessor expand that macro, you need to have another level of indirection, as this macro provides.

Definition at line 25 of file tokpaste.h.


#define PASTE__ (   a,
)    a ## b

Helper for PASTE().

Definition at line 28 of file tokpaste.h.