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Configure tracing subscribers for Arti


Opaque structure that gets dropped when the program is shutting down, after logs are no longer needed. The Drop impl flushes buffered messages.

Configuration information for an (optionally rotating) logfile.

Wrapper struct to help derive_builder find the right types and methods

Structure to hold our logging configuration options


How often to rotate a log file


Try to construct a tracing Layer for logging to stdout.

Return a default tracing filter value for logging.console.

As filt_from_str_verbose, but treat an absent filter (or an empty string) as None.

journald_layer 🔒 journald

Try to construct a tracing Layer for logging to journald, if one is configured.

Try to construct a non-blocking tracing Layer for writing data to an optionally rotating logfile.

Try to construct a tracing Layer for all of the configured logfiles.


Set up logging.

Type Definitions

Local type alias, mostly helpful for derive_builder to DTRT