Module arti::logging

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Configure tracing subscribers for Arti


  • time 🔒
    Support logging the time with different levels of precision.




  • Try to construct a tracing [Layer] for logging to stdout.
  • Return a default tracing filter value for logging.console.
  • As filt_from_str_verbose, but treat an absent filter (or an empty string) as None.
  • As [Targets::from_str], but wrapped in an anyhow::Result.
  • Configure a panic handler to send everything to tracing, in addition to our default panic behavior.
  • journald_layer 🔒 journald
    Try to construct a tracing [Layer] for logging to journald, if one is configured.
  • Try to construct a non-blocking tracing [Layer] for writing data to an optionally rotating logfile.
  • Try to construct a tracing [Layer] for all of the configured logfiles.
  • setup_loggingexperimental-api
    Set up logging.

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