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alertsock.h File Reference

Header for alertsock.c. More...

#include "orconfig.h"
#include "lib/net/nettypes.h"
#include "lib/cc/torint.h"

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Data Structures

struct  alert_sockets_t


#define ASOCKS_NOEVENTFD2   (1u<<0)
#define ASOCKS_NOEVENTFD   (1u<<1)
#define ASOCKS_NOPIPE2   (1u<<2)
#define ASOCKS_NOPIPE   (1u<<3)
#define ASOCKS_NOSOCKETPAIR   (1u<<4)


int alert_sockets_create (alert_sockets_t *socks_out, uint32_t flags)
void alert_sockets_close (alert_sockets_t *socks)

Detailed Description

Header for alertsock.c.

Definition in file alertsock.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define ASOCKS_NOEVENTFD   (1u<<1)

Definition at line 37 of file alertsock.h.


#define ASOCKS_NOEVENTFD2   (1u<<0)

Definition at line 36 of file alertsock.h.


#define ASOCKS_NOPIPE   (1u<<3)

Definition at line 39 of file alertsock.h.


#define ASOCKS_NOPIPE2   (1u<<2)

Definition at line 38 of file alertsock.h.


#define ASOCKS_NOSOCKETPAIR   (1u<<4)

Definition at line 40 of file alertsock.h.

Function Documentation

◆ alert_sockets_close()

void alert_sockets_close ( alert_sockets_t socks)

Close the sockets in socks.

Definition at line 283 of file alertsock.c.

◆ alert_sockets_create()

int alert_sockets_create ( alert_sockets_t socks_out,
uint32_t  flags 

Allocate a new set of alert sockets, and set the appropriate function pointers, in socks_out.

Definition at line 191 of file alertsock.c.