net Directory Reference

lib/net: Low-level network-related code.



file  address.c [code]
 Functions to use and manipulate the tor_addr_t structure.
file  address.h [code]
 Headers for address.h.
file  alertsock.c [code]
 Use a socket to alert the main thread from a worker thread.
file  alertsock.h [code]
 Header for alertsock.c.
file  buffers_net.c [code]
 Read and write data on a buf_t object.
file  buffers_net.h [code]
 Header file for buffers_net.c.
file  gethostname.c [code]
 Mockable wrapper for gethostname().
file  gethostname.h [code]
 Header for gethostname.c.
file  inaddr.c [code]
 Convert in_addr and in6_addr to and from strings.
file  inaddr.h [code]
 Header for inaddr.c.
file  inaddr_st.h [code]
 Define in6_addr, its members, and related types on platforms that lack it.
file  nettypes.h [code]
 Declarations for types used throughout the Tor networking system.
file  network_sys.c [code]
 Subsystem object for networking setup.
file  network_sys.h [code]
 Declare subsystem object for the network module.
file  resolve.c [code]
 Use the libc DNS resolver to convert hostnames into addresses.
file  resolve.h [code]
 Header for resolve.c.
file  socket.c [code]
 Compatibility and utility functions for working with network sockets.
file  socket.h [code]
 Header for socket.c.
file  socketpair.c [code]
 Replacement socketpair() for systems that lack it.
file  socketpair.h [code]
 Header for socketpair.c.
file  socks5_status.h [code]
 Status codes used by the SOCKS5 protocol.

Detailed Description

lib/net: Low-level network-related code.

This module includes address manipulation, compatibility wrappers, convenience functions, and so on.