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circuitmux_ewma.h File Reference

Header file for circuitmux_ewma.c. More...

#include "core/or/or.h"
#include "core/or/circuitmux.h"

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void cmux_ewma_set_options (const or_options_t *options, const networkstatus_t *consensus)
void circuitmux_ewma_free_all (void)


circuitmux_policy_t ewma_policy

Detailed Description

Header file for circuitmux_ewma.c.

Definition in file circuitmux_ewma.h.

Function Documentation

◆ circuitmux_ewma_free_all()

void circuitmux_ewma_free_all ( void  )

Drop all resources held by circuitmux_ewma.c, and deinitialize the module.

Definition at line 727 of file circuitmux_ewma.c.

◆ cmux_ewma_set_options()

void cmux_ewma_set_options ( const or_options_t options,
const networkstatus_t consensus 

Adjust the global cell scale factor based on options

Definition at line 600 of file circuitmux_ewma.c.

Variable Documentation

◆ ewma_policy

circuitmux_policy_t ewma_policy

Definition at line 124 of file circuitmux_ewma.c.