thread Directory Reference

lib/thread: Mid-level threading.



file  compat_pthreads.c [code]
 Implementation for the pthreads-based multithreading backend functions.
file  compat_threads.c [code]
 Cross-platform threading and inter-thread communication logic. (Platform-specific parts are written in the other compat_*threads modules.)
file  compat_winthreads.c [code]
 Implementation for the windows-based multithreading backend functions.
file  numcpus.c [code]
 Compute the number of CPUs configured on this system.
file  numcpus.h [code]
 Header for numcpus.c.
file  thread_sys.h [code]
 Declare subsystem object for threads library.
file  threads.h [code]
 Header for threads.c.

Detailed Description

lib/thread: Mid-level threading.

This module contains compatibility and convenience code for multithreading, except for low-level locks (which are in lib/lock and workqueue/threadpool code (which belongs in lib/evloop.)