crypto Directory Reference

core/crypto: Tor-specific cryptography



file  hs_ntor.c [code]
 Implements the ntor variant used in Tor hidden services.
file  hs_ntor.h [code]
 Header for hs_ntor.c.
file  onion_crypto.c [code]
 Functions to handle different kinds of circuit extension crypto.
file  onion_crypto.h [code]
 Header file for onion_crypto.c.
file  onion_fast.c [code]
 Functions implement the CREATE_FAST circuit handshake.
file  onion_fast.h [code]
 Header file for onion_fast.c.
file  onion_ntor.c [code]
 Implementation for the ntor handshake.
file  onion_ntor.h [code]
 Header for onion_ntor.c.
file  onion_ntor_v3.c [code]
 Implements the version 3 ntor handshake as first specified in proposal 332.
file  onion_ntor_v3.h [code]
 Header for core/crypto/onion_ntor_v3.c.
file  onion_tap.c [code]
 Functions to implement the original Tor circuit extension handshake (a.k.a TAP).
file  onion_tap.h [code]
 Header file for onion_tap.c.
file  relay_crypto.c [code]
file  relay_crypto.h [code]
 Header for relay_crypto.c.

Detailed Description

core/crypto: Tor-specific cryptography

This module implements Tor's circuit-construction crypto and Tor's relay crypto.