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onion_crypto.h File Reference

Header file for onion_crypto.c. More...

#include "lib/crypt_ops/crypto_ed25519.h"

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Data Structures

struct  server_onion_keys_t
struct  circuit_params_t


#define server_onion_keys_free(keys)    FREE_AND_NULL(server_onion_keys_t, server_onion_keys_free_, (keys))


void onion_handshake_state_release (onion_handshake_state_t *state)
int onion_skin_create (int type, const extend_info_t *node, onion_handshake_state_t *state_out, uint8_t *onion_skin_out, size_t onion_skin_out_maxlen)
int onion_skin_server_handshake (int type, const uint8_t *onion_skin, size_t onionskin_len, const server_onion_keys_t *keys, const circuit_params_t *ns_params, uint8_t *reply_out, size_t reply_out_maxlen, uint8_t *keys_out, size_t key_out_len, uint8_t *rend_nonce_out, circuit_params_t *negotiated_params_out)
int onion_skin_client_handshake (int type, const onion_handshake_state_t *handshake_state, const uint8_t *reply, size_t reply_len, uint8_t *keys_out, size_t key_out_len, uint8_t *rend_authenticator_out, circuit_params_t *negotiated_params_out, const char **msg_out)
server_onion_keys_tserver_onion_keys_new (void)
void server_onion_keys_free_ (server_onion_keys_t *keys)

Detailed Description

Header file for onion_crypto.c.

Definition in file onion_crypto.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ server_onion_keys_free

#define server_onion_keys_free (   keys)     FREE_AND_NULL(server_onion_keys_t, server_onion_keys_free_, (keys))

Definition at line 63 of file onion_crypto.h.

Function Documentation

◆ onion_handshake_state_release()

void onion_handshake_state_release ( onion_handshake_state_t state)

Release whatever storage is held in state, depending on its type, and clear its pointer.

Definition at line 97 of file onion_crypto.c.

Referenced by cpath_free().

◆ onion_skin_client_handshake()

int onion_skin_client_handshake ( int  type,
const onion_handshake_state_t handshake_state,
const uint8_t *  reply,
size_t  reply_len,
uint8_t *  keys_out,
size_t  keys_out_len,
uint8_t *  rend_authenticator_out,
circuit_params_t params_out,
const char **  msg_out 

Perform the final (client-side) step of a circuit-creation handshake of type type, using our state in handshake_state and the server's response in reply. On success, generate keys_out_len bytes worth of key material in keys_out_len, set rend_authenticator_out to the "KH" field that can be used to establish introduction points at this hop, and return 0. On failure, return -1, and set *msg_out to an error message if this is worth complaining to the user about.

Definition at line 462 of file onion_crypto.c.

◆ onion_skin_create()

int onion_skin_create ( int  type,
const extend_info_t node,
onion_handshake_state_t state_out,
uint8_t *  onion_skin_out,
size_t  onion_skin_out_maxlen 

Perform the first step of a circuit-creation handshake of type type (one of ONION_HANDSHAKE_TYPE_*): generate the initial "onion skin" in onion_skin_out with length of up to onion_skin_out_maxlen, and store any state information in state_out. Return -1 on failure, and the length of the onionskin on acceptance.

Definition at line 132 of file onion_crypto.c.

◆ onion_skin_server_handshake()

int onion_skin_server_handshake ( int  type,
const uint8_t *  onion_skin,
size_t  onionskin_len,
const server_onion_keys_t keys,
const circuit_params_t our_ns_params,
uint8_t *  reply_out,
size_t  reply_out_maxlen,
uint8_t *  keys_out,
size_t  keys_out_len,
uint8_t *  rend_nonce_out,
circuit_params_t params_out 

Perform the second (server-side) step of a circuit-creation handshake of type type, responding to the client request in onion_skin using the keys in keys. On success, write our response into reply_out, generate keys_out_len bytes worth of key material in keys_out_len, a hidden service nonce to rend_nonce_out, and return the length of the reply. On failure, return -1.

Definition at line 276 of file onion_crypto.c.

Referenced by cpuworker_onion_handshake_threadfn().

◆ server_onion_keys_free_()

void server_onion_keys_free_ ( server_onion_keys_t keys)

Release all storage held in keys.

Definition at line 81 of file onion_crypto.c.

◆ server_onion_keys_new()

server_onion_keys_t * server_onion_keys_new ( void  )

Return a new server_onion_keys_t object with all of the keys and other info we might need to do onion handshakes. (We make a copy of our keys for each cpuworker to avoid race conditions with the main thread, and to avoid locking)

Definition at line 65 of file onion_crypto.c.