config Directory Reference

app/config: Top-level configuration code



file [code]
file  config.c [code]
 Code to interpret the user's configuration of Tor.
file  config.h [code]
 Header file for config.c.
file [code]
file  or_options_st.h [code]
 The or_options_t structure, which represents Tor's configuration.
file  or_state_st.h [code]
 The or_state_t structure, which represents Tor's state file.
file  quiet_level.c [code]
 Code to handle default logging level (quiet/hush/normal).
file  quiet_level.h [code]
 Declare the quiet_level enumeration and global.
file  resolve_addr.c [code]
 Implement resolving address functions.
file  resolve_addr.h [code]
 Header file for resolve_addr.c.
file  statefile.c [code]
 Handles parsing and encoding the persistent 'state' file that carries miscellaneous persistent state between Tor invocations.
file  statefile.h [code]
 Header for statefile.c.
file [code]
file  tor_cmdline_mode.h [code]
 Declare the tor_cmdline_mode_t enumeration.

Detailed Description

app/config: Top-level configuration code

Refactoring this module is a work in progress, see ticket 29211