stats Directory Reference

feature/stats: Relay statistics. Also, port prediction.



file  bw_array_st.h [code]
 Declaration for bw_array_t structure and related constants.
file  bwhist.c [code]
 Tracking for relay bandwidth history.
file  bwhist.h [code]
 Header for feature/stats/bwhist.c.
file  connstats.c [code]
 Count bidirectional vs one-way connections.
file  connstats.h [code]
 Header for feature/stats/connstats.c.
file  geoip_stats.c [code]
file  geoip_stats.h [code]
 Header file for geoip_stats.c.
file  predict_ports.c [code]
 Remember what ports we've needed so we can have circuits ready.
file  predict_ports.h [code]
 Header file for predict_ports.c.
file  rephist.c [code]
 Basic history and performance-tracking functionality.
file  rephist.h [code]
 Header file for rephist.c.

Detailed Description

feature/stats: Relay statistics. Also, port prediction.

This module collects anonymized relay statistics in order to publish them in relays' routerinfo and extrainfo documents.

Additionally, it contains predict_ports.c, which remembers which ports we've visited recently as a client, so we can make sure we have open circuits that support them.