feature Directory Reference

feature: domain-specific modules



directory  api
 feature/api: In-process interface to starting/stopping Tor.
directory  client
 feature/client: Client-specific code
directory  control
 feature/control: Controller API.
directory  dirauth
 feature/dirauth: Directory authority implementation.
directory  dircache
 feature/dircache: Run as a directory cache server
directory  dirclient
 feature/dirclient: Directory client implementation.
directory  dircommon
 feature/dircommon: Directory client and server shared code
directory  dirparse
 feature/dirparse: Parsing Tor directory objects
directory  hibernate
 feature/hibernate: Bandwidth accounting and hibernation (!)
directory  hs
 feature/hs: v3 (current) onion service protocol
directory  hs_common
 feature/hs_common: Common to v2 (old) and v3 (current) onion services
directory  keymgt
 feature/keymgt: Store keys for relays, authorities, etc.
directory  nodelist
 feature/nodelist: Download and manage a list of relays
directory  relay
 feature/relay: Relay-specific code
directory  stats
 feature/stats: Relay statistics. Also, port prediction.

Detailed Description

feature: domain-specific modules

The "feature" directory has modules that Tor uses only for a particular role or service, such as maintaining/using an onion service, operating as a relay or a client, or being a directory authority.

Current subdirectories are: