dirauth Directory Reference

feature/dirauth: Directory authority implementation.



file  authmode.c [code]
 What kind of directory authority are we?
file  authmode.h [code]
 Header file for directory authority mode.
file  bridgeauth.c [code]
 Bridge authority code.
file  bridgeauth.h [code]
 Header for bridgeauth.c.
file  bwauth.c [code]
 Code to read and apply bandwidth authority data.
file  bwauth.h [code]
 Header file for bwauth.c.
file  dirauth_config.c [code]
 Code to interpret the user's configuration of Tor's directory authority module.
file  dirauth_config.h [code]
 Header for feature/dirauth/dirauth_config.c.
file [code]
 Declare configuration options for the crypto_ops module.
file  dirauth_options_st.h [code]
 Structure dirauth_options_t to hold directory authority options.
file  dirauth_periodic.c [code]
 Peridoic events for directory authorities.
file  dirauth_periodic.h [code]
 Header for dirauth_periodic.c.
file  dirauth_stub.c [code]
 Stub declarations for use when dirauth module is disabled.
file  dirauth_sys.c [code]
 Directory authority subsystem declarations.
file  dirauth_sys.h [code]
 Header for dirauth_sys.c.
file  dircollate.c [code]
 Collation code for figuring out which identities to vote for in the directory voting process.
file  dircollate.h [code]
 Header file for dircollate.c.
file  dirvote.c [code]
 Functions to compute directory consensus, and schedule voting.
file  dirvote.h [code]
 Header file for dirvote.c.
file  dsigs_parse.c [code]
file  dsigs_parse.h [code]
 Code to parse and validate detached-signature objects.
file  guardfraction.c [code]
file  guardfraction.h [code]
 Header file for guardfraction.c.
file  keypin.c [code]
 Functions and structures for associating routers' RSA key fingerprints with their ED25519 keys.
file  keypin.h [code]
 Header for keypin.c.
file  ns_detached_signatures_st.h [code]
 Detached consensus signatures structure.
file  process_descs.c [code]
 Make decisions about uploaded descriptors.
file  process_descs.h [code]
 Header file for process_descs.c.
file  reachability.c [code]
 Router reachability testing; run by authorities to tell who is running.
file  reachability.h [code]
 Header file for reachability.c.
file  recommend_pkg.c [code]
 Code related to the recommended-packages subsystem.
file  recommend_pkg.h [code]
 Header file for recommend_pkg.c.
file  shared_random.c [code]
 Functions and data structure needed to accomplish the shared random protocol as defined in proposal #250.
file  shared_random.h [code]
 This file contains ABI/API of the shared random protocol defined in proposal #250. Every public functions and data structure are namespaced with "sr_" which stands for shared random.
file  shared_random_state.c [code]
 Functions and data structures for the state of the random protocol as defined in proposal #250.
file  shared_random_state.h [code]
 Header for shared_random_state.c.
file  vote_microdesc_hash_st.h [code]
 Microdescriptor-hash voting structure.
file  voteflags.c [code]
 Authority code for deciding the performance thresholds for flags, and assigning flags to routers.
file  voteflags.h [code]
 Header file for voteflags.c.
file  voting_schedule.c [code]
 Compute information about our voting schedule as a directory authority.
file  voting_schedule.h [code]
 Header file for voting_schedule.c.

Detailed Description

feature/dirauth: Directory authority implementation.

This module handles running Tor as a directory authority.

The directory protocol is specified in dir-spec.txt.