dirclient Directory Reference

feature/dirclient: Directory client implementation.



file  dir_server_st.h [code]
 Trusted/fallback directory server structure.
file  dirclient.c [code]
 Download directory information.
file  dirclient.h [code]
 Header file for dirclient.c.
file  dirclient_modes.c [code]
 Functions to answer questions about how we'd like to behave as a directory client.
file  dirclient_modes.h [code]
 Header for feature/dirclient/dirclient_modes.c.
file  dlstatus.c [code]
 Track status and retry schedule of a downloadable object.
file  dlstatus.h [code]
 Header file for dlstatus.c.
file  download_status_st.h [code]
 Directory download status/schedule structure.

Detailed Description

feature/dirclient: Directory client implementation.

The code here is used by all Tor instances that need to download directory information. Currently, that is all of them, since even authorities need to launch downloads to learn about relays that other authorities have listed.