Data Fields
config_decl_LINELIST_V Struct Reference

#include <confline.h>

Data Fields

char * key
char * value
struct config_line_tnext
unsigned int command:2
unsigned int fragile:1

Detailed Description

A linked list of lines in a config file, or elsewhere

Definition at line 29 of file confline.h.

Field Documentation

◆ command

unsigned int command

What special treatment (if any) does this line require?

Definition at line 35 of file confline.h.

Referenced by routerset_kv_parse().

◆ fragile

unsigned int fragile

If true, subsequent assignments to this linelist should replace it, not extend it. Set only on the first item in a linelist in an or_options_t.

Definition at line 39 of file confline.h.

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