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equix: Rust reimplementation of tevador’s Equi-X, a client puzzle for Tor based on the Equihash and HashX algorithms

Check out tevador’s dev log for more information. The Equihash layer is based on Equihash60,3 and the underlying hash function HashX is another new project built as a lightweight ASIC-resistant hash function in the spirit of RandomX.

This crate implements a compact Equihash solver with the same memory footprint as the original Equi-X implementation. HashX is delegated to the hashx crate.

This is for Tor client puzzle support in Arti. (#889)



  • Errors applicable to constructing and verifying Equi-X puzzles
  • Errors that could occur while building a hash function
  • Effective HashX runtime for a constructed program
  • Option for selecting a HashX runtime


  • Countbucket-array
    Types that can be used as a count of items in a bucket
  • Uninitbucket-array
    Marker trait for types that are normally assumed uninitialized


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