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Header file for describe.c. More...

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const char * extend_info_describe (const struct extend_info_t *ei)
const char * node_describe (const struct node_t *node)
const char * router_describe (const struct routerinfo_t *ri)
const char * routerstatus_describe (const struct routerstatus_t *ri)
void router_get_verbose_nickname (char *buf, const routerinfo_t *router)

Detailed Description

Header file for describe.c.

Definition in file describe.h.

Function Documentation

◆ router_get_verbose_nickname()

void router_get_verbose_nickname ( char *  buf,
const routerinfo_t router 

Set buf (which must have MAX_VERBOSE_NICKNAME_LEN+1 bytes) to the verbose representation of the identity of router. The format is: A dollar sign. The upper-case hexadecimal encoding of the SHA1 hash of router's identity. A "=" if the router is named (no longer implemented); a "~" if it is not. The router's nickname.

Definition at line 256 of file describe.c.