nodelist Directory Reference

feature/nodelist: Download and manage a list of relays



file  authcert.c [code]
 Code to maintain directory authorities' certificates.
file  authcert.h [code]
 Header file for authcert.c.
file  authority_cert_st.h [code]
 Authority certificate structure.
file  desc_store_st.h [code]
 Routerinfo/extrainfo storage structure.
file  describe.c [code]
 Format short descriptions of relays.
file  describe.h [code]
 Header file for describe.c.
file  dirlist.c [code]
 Code to maintain our lists of directory authorities and fallback directories.
file  dirlist.h [code]
 Header file for dirlist.c.
file  document_signature_st.h [code]
 Authority signature structure.
file  extrainfo_st.h [code]
 A relay's extra-info structure.
file  fmt_routerstatus.c [code]
file  fmt_routerstatus.h [code]
 Format routerstatus entries for controller, vote, or consensus.
file  microdesc.c [code]
 Implements microdescriptors – an abbreviated description of less-frequently-changing router information.
file  microdesc.h [code]
 Header file for microdesc.c.
file  microdesc_st.h [code]
 Microdescriptor structure.
file  networkstatus.c [code]
 Functions and structures for handling networkstatus documents as a client or as a directory cache.
file  networkstatus.h [code]
 Header file for networkstatus.c.
file  networkstatus_sr_info_st.h [code]
 Shared-randomness structure.
file  networkstatus_st.h [code]
 Networkstatus consensus/vote structure.
file  networkstatus_voter_info_st.h [code]
 Single consensus voter structure.
file  nickname.c [code]
 Check and manipulate relay nicknames.
file  nickname.h [code]
 Header file for nickname.c.
file  node_select.c [code]
 Code to choose nodes randomly based on restrictions and weighted probabilities.
file  node_select.h [code]
 Header file for node_select.c.
file  node_st.h [code]
 Node information structure.
file  nodefamily.c [code]
 Code to manipulate encoded, reference-counted node families. We use these tricks to save space, since these families would otherwise require a large number of tiny allocations.
file  nodefamily.h [code]
 Header file for nodefamily.c.
file  nodefamily_st.h [code]
 Compact node-family structure.
file  nodelist.c [code]
 Structures and functions for tracking what we know about the routers on the Tor network, and correlating information from networkstatus, routerinfo, and microdescs.
file  nodelist.h [code]
 Header file for nodelist.c.
file  routerinfo.c [code]
 Manipulate full router descriptors.
file  routerinfo.h [code]
 Header file for routerinfo.c.
file  routerinfo_st.h [code]
 Router descriptor structure.
file  routerlist.c [code]
 Code to maintain and access the global list of routerinfos for known servers.
file  routerlist.h [code]
 Header file for routerlist.c.
file  routerlist_st.h [code]
 Router descriptor list structure.
file  routerset.c [code]
 Functions and structures to handle set-type selection of routers by name, ID, address, etc.
file  routerset.h [code]
 Header file for routerset.c.
file  routerstatus_st.h [code]
 Routerstatus (consensus entry) structure.
file  signed_descriptor_st.h [code]
 Descriptor/extrainfo signature structure.
file  torcert.c [code]
 Implementation for ed25519-signed certificates as used in the Tor protocol.
file  torcert.h [code]
 Header for torcert.c.
file  vote_routerstatus_st.h [code]
 Routerstatus (vote entry) structure.

Detailed Description

feature/nodelist: Download and manage a list of relays