relay Directory Reference

feature/relay: Relay-specific code



file  circuitbuild_relay.c [code]
 Implements the details of exteding circuits (by relaying extend cells as create cells, and answering create cells).
file  circuitbuild_relay.h [code]
 Header for feature/relay/circuitbuild_relay.c.
file  dns.c [code]
 Implements a local cache for DNS results for Tor servers. This is implemented as a wrapper around Adam Langley's eventdns.c code. (We can't just use gethostbyname() and friends because we really need to be nonblocking.)
file  dns.h [code]
 Header file for dns.c.
file  dns_structs.h [code]
 Structures used in dns.c. Exposed to dns.c, and to the unit tests that declare DNS_PRIVATE.
file  ext_orport.c [code]
 Code implementing the Extended ORPort.
file  ext_orport.h [code]
 Header for ext_orport.c.
file  onion_queue.c [code]
 Functions to queue create cells for processing.
file  onion_queue.h [code]
 Header file for onion_queue.c.
file  relay_config.c [code]
 Code to interpret the user's configuration of Tor's relay module.
file  relay_config.h [code]
 Header for feature/relay/relay_config.c.
file  relay_find_addr.c [code]
 Implement mechanism for a relay to find its address.
file  relay_find_addr.h [code]
 Header file for relay_find_addr.c.
file  relay_handshake.c [code]
 Functions to implement the relay-only parts of our connection handshake.
file  relay_handshake.h [code]
 Header for feature/relay/relay_handshake.c.
file  relay_metrics.c [code]
 Relay metrics exposed through the MetricsPort.
file  relay_metrics.h [code]
 Header for feature/relay/relay_metrics.c.
file  relay_periodic.c [code]
 Periodic functions for the relay subsystem.
file  relay_periodic.h [code]
 Header for feature/relay/relay_periodic.c.
file  relay_stub.c [code]
 Stub declarations for use when relay module is disabled.
file  relay_sys.c [code]
 Subsystem definitions for the relay module.
file  relay_sys.h [code]
 Header for feature/relay/relay_sys.c.
file  router.c [code]
 Miscellaneous relay functionality, including RSA key maintenance, generating and uploading server descriptors, picking an address to advertise, and so on.
file  router.h [code]
 Header file for router.c.
file  routerkeys.c [code]
 Functions and structures to handle generating and maintaining the set of keypairs necessary to be an OR.
file  routerkeys.h [code]
 Header for routerkeys.c.
file  routermode.c [code]
 Check if we're running as a relay/cache.
file  routermode.h [code]
 Header file for routermode.c.
file  selftest.c [code]
 Relay self-testing.
file  selftest.h [code]
 Header file for selftest.c.
file  transport_config.c [code]
 Code to interpret the user's configuration of Tor's server pluggable transports.
file  transport_config.h [code]
 Header for feature/relay/transport_config.c.

Detailed Description

feature/relay: Relay-specific code

(There is also a bunch of relay-specific code in other modules.)