client Directory Reference

feature/client: Client-specific code



file  addressmap.c [code]
 The addressmap module manages the processes by which we rewrite addresses in client requess. It handles the MapAddress controller and torrc commands, and the TrackHostExits feature, and the client-side DNS cache (deprecated).
file  addressmap.h [code]
 Header for addressmap.c.
file  bridges.c [code]
 Code to manage bridges and bridge selection.
file  bridges.h [code]
 Header file for circuitbuild.c.
file  circpathbias.c [code]
 Code to track success/failure rates of circuits built through different tor nodes, in an attempt to detect attacks where an attacker deliberately causes circuits to fail until the client choses a path they like.
file  circpathbias.h [code]
file  dnsserv.c [code]
 Implements client-side DNS proxy server code.
file  dnsserv.h [code]
 Header file for dnsserv.c.
file  entrynodes.c [code]
 Code to manage our fixed first nodes for various functions.
file  entrynodes.h [code]
 Header file for circuitbuild.c.
file  proxymode.c [code]
 Determine whether we are trying to be a proxy.
file  proxymode.h [code]
 Header file for proxymode.c.
file  transports.c [code]
 Pluggable Transports related code.
file  transports.h [code]
 Headers for transports.c.

Detailed Description

feature/client: Client-specific code

(There is also a bunch of client-specific code in other modules.)