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1 /* Copyright (c) 2001 Matej Pfajfar.
2  * Copyright (c) 2001-2004, Roger Dingledine.
3  * Copyright (c) 2004-2006, Roger Dingledine, Nick Mathewson.
4  * Copyright (c) 2007-2021, The Tor Project, Inc. */
5 /* See LICENSE for licensing information */
7 /**
8  * \file bridges.h
9  * \brief Header file for circuitbuild.c.
10  **/
12 #ifndef TOR_BRIDGES_H
13 #define TOR_BRIDGES_H
15 struct bridge_line_t;
18 /* Opaque handle to a configured bridge */
19 typedef struct bridge_info_t bridge_info_t;
21 void mark_bridge_list(void);
22 void sweep_bridge_list(void);
23 const smartlist_t *bridge_list_get(void);
24 const uint8_t *bridge_get_rsa_id_digest(const bridge_info_t *bridge);
26 const char *bridget_get_transport_name(const bridge_info_t *bridge);
29  const tor_addr_t *addr,
30  uint16_t port,
31  const char *digest);
33  const tor_addr_t *addr,
34  uint16_t port,
35  const char *digest);
37 int addr_is_a_configured_bridge(const tor_addr_t *addr, uint16_t port,
38  const char *digest);
41 int node_is_a_configured_bridge(const node_t *node);
42 void learned_router_identity(const tor_addr_t *addr, uint16_t port,
43  const char *digest,
44  const struct ed25519_public_key_t *ed_id);
46 void bridge_add_from_config(struct bridge_line_t *bridge_line);
47 void retry_bridge_descriptor_fetch_directly(const char *digest);
48 void fetch_bridge_descriptors(const or_options_t *options, time_t now);
50  int from_cache, int desc_is_new);
52  uint16_t port);
54 int any_bridges_dont_support_microdescriptors(void);
57  uint16_t port);
58 struct transport_t;
60  const struct transport_t **transport);
62 MOCK_DECL(int, transport_is_needed, (const char *transport_name));
63 int validate_pluggable_transports_config(void);
67  (const char *digest));
69 void bridges_free_all(void);
72 STATIC void clear_bridge_list(void);
73 STATIC bridge_info_t *find_bridge_by_digest(const char *digest);
75  const char *digest,
76  const smartlist_t *orports);
78  uint16_t port,
79  const char *digest,
80  const char *transport_name);
81 #endif /* defined(TOR_BRIDGES_PRIVATE) */
83 #endif /* !defined(TOR_BRIDGES_H) */
STATIC void bridge_resolve_conflicts(const tor_addr_t *addr, uint16_t port, const char *digest, const char *transport_name)
Definition: bridges.c:460
void learned_router_identity(const tor_addr_t *addr, uint16_t port, const char *digest, const ed25519_public_key_t *ed_id)
Definition: bridges.c:403
STATIC void clear_bridge_list(void)
Definition: bridges.c:109
STATIC bridge_info_t * get_configured_bridge_by_orports_digest(const char *digest, const smartlist_t *orports)
Definition: bridges.c:194
STATIC bridge_info_t * find_bridge_by_digest(const char *digest)
Definition: bridges.c:581
int get_transport_by_bridge_addrport(const tor_addr_t *addr, uint16_t port, const transport_t **transport)
Definition: bridges.c:620
const char * find_transport_name_by_bridge_addrport(const tor_addr_t *addr, uint16_t port)
Definition: bridges.c:597
void mark_bridge_list(void)
Definition: bridges.c:84
int routerinfo_is_a_configured_bridge(const routerinfo_t *ri)
Definition: bridges.c:322
int addr_is_a_configured_bridge(const tor_addr_t *addr, uint16_t port, const char *digest)
Definition: bridges.c:273
void sweep_bridge_list(void)
Definition: bridges.c:95
int transport_is_needed(const char *transport_name)
Definition: bridges.c:510
const smartlist_t * get_socks_args_by_bridge_addrport(const tor_addr_t *addr, uint16_t port)
Definition: bridges.c:650
const char * bridget_get_transport_name(const bridge_info_t *bridge)
Definition: bridges.c:172
int extend_info_is_a_configured_bridge(const extend_info_t *ei)
Definition: bridges.c:290
bridge_info_t * get_configured_bridge_by_exact_addr_port_digest(const tor_addr_t *addr, uint16_t port, const char *digest)
Definition: bridges.c:248
int node_is_a_configured_bridge(const node_t *node)
Definition: bridges.c:354
const tor_addr_port_t * bridge_get_addr_port(const bridge_info_t *bridge)
Definition: bridges.c:161
void fetch_bridge_descriptors(const or_options_t *options, time_t now)
Definition: bridges.c:737
smartlist_t * list_bridge_identities(void)
Definition: bridges.c:1010
const uint8_t * bridge_get_rsa_id_digest(const bridge_info_t *bridge)
Definition: bridges.c:147
download_status_t * get_bridge_dl_status_by_id(const char *digest)
Definition: bridges.c:1030
void bridges_free_all(void)
Definition: bridges.c:1048
bridge_info_t * get_configured_bridge_by_addr_port_digest(const tor_addr_t *addr, uint16_t port, const char *digest)
Definition: bridges.c:222
void learned_bridge_descriptor(routerinfo_t *ri, int from_cache, int desc_is_new)
Definition: bridges.c:956
const smartlist_t * bridge_list_get(void)
Definition: bridges.c:135
void retry_bridge_descriptor_fetch_directly(const char *digest)
Definition: bridges.c:724
bool bridge_has_invalid_transport(const bridge_info_t *bridge)
Definition: bridges.c:183
void bridge_add_from_config(struct bridge_line_t *bridge_line)
Definition: bridges.c:527
uint16_t port
Definition: bridges.c:49
tor_addr_t addr
Definition: bridges.c:47
Definition: node_st.h:34
uint16_t port
Definition: transports.h:26
tor_addr_t addr
Definition: transports.h:24
#define STATIC
Definition: testsupport.h:32
#define MOCK_DECL(rv, funcname, arglist)
Definition: testsupport.h:127