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1/* Copyright (c) 2001-2004, Roger Dingledine.
2 * Copyright (c) 2004-2006, Roger Dingledine, Nick Mathewson.
3 * Copyright (c) 2007-2021, The Tor Project, Inc. */
4/* See LICENSE for licensing information */
7 * \file routerset.h
8 * \brief Header file for routerset.c
9 **/
14routerset_t *routerset_new(void);
15void routerset_refresh_countries(routerset_t *rs);
16int routerset_parse(routerset_t *target, const char *s,
17 const char *description);
18void routerset_union(routerset_t *target, const routerset_t *source);
19int routerset_is_list(const routerset_t *set);
20int routerset_needs_geoip(const routerset_t *set);
21int routerset_is_empty(const routerset_t *set);
22int routerset_contains_router(const routerset_t *set, const routerinfo_t *ri,
23 country_t country);
24int routerset_contains_routerstatus(const routerset_t *set,
25 const routerstatus_t *rs,
26 country_t country);
27int routerset_contains_extendinfo(const routerset_t *set,
28 const extend_info_t *ei);
29struct bridge_info_t;
30int routerset_contains_bridge(const routerset_t *set,
31 const struct bridge_info_t *bridge);
32int routerset_contains_node(const routerset_t *set, const node_t *node);
34void routerset_get_all_nodes(smartlist_t *out, const routerset_t *routerset,
35 const routerset_t *excludeset,
36 int running_only);
37int routerset_add_unknown_ccs(routerset_t **setp, int only_if_some_cc_set);
39 const routerset_t *routerset);
41char *routerset_to_string(const routerset_t *routerset);
42int routerset_equal(const routerset_t *old, const routerset_t *new);
43void routerset_free_(routerset_t *routerset);
44#define routerset_free(rs) FREE_AND_NULL(routerset_t, routerset_free_, (rs))
45int routerset_len(const routerset_t *set);
47struct var_type_def_t;
48extern const struct var_type_def_t ROUTERSET_type_defn;
49typedef routerset_t *config_decl_ROUTERSET;
54STATIC char * routerset_get_countryname(const char *c);
55STATIC int routerset_contains(const routerset_t *set, const tor_addr_t *addr,
56 uint16_t orport,
57 const char *nickname, const char *id_digest,
58 country_t country);
60/** A routerset specifies constraints on a set of possible routerinfos, based
61 * on their names, identities, or addresses. It is optimized for determining
62 * whether a router is a member or not, in O(1+P) time, where P is the number
63 * of address policy constraints. */
64struct routerset_t {
65 /** A list of strings for the elements of the policy. Each string is either
66 * a nickname, a hexadecimal identity fingerprint, or an address policy. A
67 * router belongs to the set if its nickname OR its identity OR its address
68 * matches an entry here. */
69 smartlist_t *list;
70 /** A map from lowercase nicknames of routers in the set to (void*)1 */
71 strmap_t *names;
72 /** A map from identity digests routers in the set to (void*)1 */
73 digestmap_t *digests;
74 /** An address policy for routers in the set. For implementation reasons,
75 * a router belongs to the set if it is _rejected_ by this policy. */
76 smartlist_t *policies;
78 /** A human-readable description of what this routerset is for. Used in
79 * log messages. */
80 char *description;
82 /** A list of the country codes in this set. */
83 smartlist_t *country_names;
84 /** Total number of countries we knew about when we built <b>countries</b>.*/
85 int n_countries;
86 /** Bit array mapping the return value of geoip_get_country() to 1 iff the
87 * country is a member of this routerset. Note that we MUST call
88 * routerset_refresh_countries() whenever the geoip country list is
89 * reloaded. */
90 bitarray_t *countries;
91 /** If true, subsequent assignments to this routerset should replace
92 * it, not extend it. Set only on the first item in a routerset in an
93 * or_options_t. */
94 unsigned int fragile:1;
96#endif /* defined(ROUTERSET_PRIVATE) */
97#endif /* !defined(TOR_ROUTERSET_H) */
Implements a variable-sized (but non-resizeable) bit-array.
unsigned int bitarray_t
Definition: bitarray.h:30
int16_t country_t
Definition: country.h:17
STATIC int routerset_contains(const routerset_t *set, const tor_addr_t *addr, uint16_t orport, const char *nickname, const char *id_digest, country_t country)
Definition: routerset.c:259
STATIC char * routerset_get_countryname(const char *c)
Definition: routerset.c:66
int routerset_contains_bridge(const routerset_t *set, const bridge_info_t *bridge)
Definition: routerset.c:365
int routerset_needs_geoip(const routerset_t *set)
Definition: routerset.c:197
int routerset_is_empty(const routerset_t *set)
Definition: routerset.c:204
routerset_t * routerset_new(void)
Definition: routerset.c:51
char * routerset_to_string(const routerset_t *routerset)
Definition: routerset.c:429
const struct var_type_def_t ROUTERSET_type_defn
Definition: routerset.c:608
void routerset_free_(routerset_t *routerset)
Definition: routerset.c:465
int routerset_equal(const routerset_t *old, const routerset_t *new)
Definition: routerset.c:439
int routerset_is_list(const routerset_t *set)
Definition: routerset.c:188
int routerset_contains_routerstatus(const routerset_t *set, const routerstatus_t *rs, country_t country)
Definition: routerset.c:339
int routerset_contains_node(const routerset_t *set, const node_t *node)
Definition: routerset.c:353
void routerset_get_all_nodes(smartlist_t *out, const routerset_t *routerset, const routerset_t *excludeset, int running_only)
Definition: routerset.c:379
int routerset_add_unknown_ccs(routerset_t **setp, int only_if_some_cc_set)
Definition: routerset.c:272
int routerset_contains_extendinfo(const routerset_t *set, const extend_info_t *ei)
Definition: routerset.c:308
int routerset_parse(routerset_t *target, const char *s, const char *description)
Definition: routerset.c:115
int routerset_len(const routerset_t *set)
Definition: routerset.c:212
void routerset_refresh_countries(routerset_t *rs)
Definition: routerset.c:82
void routerset_subtract_nodes(smartlist_t *out, const routerset_t *routerset)
Definition: routerset.c:413
void routerset_union(routerset_t *target, const routerset_t *source)
Definition: routerset.c:174
int routerset_contains_router(const routerset_t *set, const routerinfo_t *ri, country_t country)
Definition: routerset.c:328
Definition: node_st.h:34
#define STATIC
Definition: testsupport.h:32