pub trait DangerouslyIntoTorAddr {
    fn into_tor_addr_dangerously(self) -> Result<TorAddr, TorAddrError>;
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An object that can be converted to a TorAddr, but which it might be risky to get in the first place if you’re hoping for anonymity.

For example, you can use this trait to convert a SocketAddr into a TorAddr, and it’s safe to do that conversion. But where did you get the SocketAddr in the first place? If it comes from a local DNS lookup, then you have leaked the address you were resolving to your DNS resolver, and probably your ISP.

See also: the TorAddr documentation.

Required methods

Try to make a TorAddr to represent connecting to self.

By calling this function, the caller asserts that self was obtained from some secure, private mechanism, and not from a local DNS lookup or something similar.

Implementations on Foreign Types