Trait arti_client::HintableError

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pub trait HintableError: Sealed {
    // Required method
    fn hint(&self) -> Option<ErrorHint<'_>>;
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An error that can provide additional information about how to solve itself.

Required Methods§


fn hint(&self) -> Option<ErrorHint<'_>>

Return a hint object explaining how to solve this error, if we have one.

Most errors won’t have obvious hints, but some do. For the ones that do, we can return an ErrorHint.

Right now, ErrorHint is completely opaque: the only supported option is to format it for human consumption.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl HintableError for Error

Available on crate feature anyhow only.

fn hint(&self) -> Option<ErrorHint<'_>>



impl HintableError for arti_client::Error