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Types and functions to configure a Tor client.

Some of these are re-exported from lower-level crates.

⚠ Stability Warning ⚠

The design of this structure, and of the configuration system for Arti, is likely to change significantly before the release of Arti 1.0.0. The layout of options within this structure is also likely to change. For more information see ticket #285.


Types for configuring how Tor circuits are built.

Types for configuring how Tor accesses its directory information.


Defines standard impls for a struct with a Builder, incl Default


A path in a configuration file: tilde expansion is performed, along with expansion of certain variables.

Configuration for client behavior relating to addresses.

Configuration for where information should be stored on disk.

Configuration for client behavior relating to stream connection timeouts

A configuration used to bootstrap a TorClient.


An error that has occurred while expanding a path.

An error related to an option passed to Arti via a configuration builder.

Rules for reconfiguring a running Arti instance.


Return a filename for the default user configuration file.