Module arti_client::config

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Types and functions to configure a Tor client.

Some of these are re-exported from lower-level crates.


  • Types for configuring how Tor circuits are built.
  • Types for configuring how Tor accesses its directory information.
  • onion_serviceonion-service-service
    Types for configuring onion services.
  • ptpt-client
    Types for configuring pluggable transports.
  • Types for configuring vanguards.




  • Boolean, but with additional "auto" option
  • BridgeParseErrorbridge-client
    Error when parsing a bridge line from a string
  • An error that has occurred while expanding a path.
  • The way to approach a single relay in order to open a channel.
  • An error related to an option passed to Arti via a configuration builder.
  • An error that occurs while trying to read and process our configuration.
  • A configuration file or directory, for use by a ConfigurationSources
  • Configuration item specifiable as a list, or a single multi-line string
  • Rules for reconfiguring a running Arti instance.




Type Aliases§

  • List of configured bridges, as found in the built configuration