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authcert.c File Reference

Code to maintain directory authorities' certificates. More...

#include "core/or/or.h"
#include "app/config/config.h"
#include "core/mainloop/connection.h"
#include "core/mainloop/mainloop.h"
#include "core/or/policies.h"
#include "feature/client/bridges.h"
#include "feature/dirauth/authmode.h"
#include "feature/dirclient/dirclient.h"
#include "feature/dirclient/dlstatus.h"
#include "feature/dircommon/directory.h"
#include "feature/dircommon/fp_pair.h"
#include "feature/dirparse/authcert_parse.h"
#include "feature/nodelist/authcert.h"
#include "feature/nodelist/dirlist.h"
#include "feature/nodelist/networkstatus.h"
#include "feature/nodelist/node_select.h"
#include "feature/nodelist/nodelist.h"
#include "feature/nodelist/routerlist.h"
#include "feature/relay/routermode.h"
#include "core/or/connection_st.h"
#include "feature/dirclient/dir_server_st.h"
#include "feature/dircommon/dir_connection_st.h"
#include "feature/nodelist/authority_cert_st.h"
#include "feature/nodelist/document_signature_st.h"
#include "feature/nodelist/networkstatus_st.h"
#include "feature/nodelist/networkstatus_voter_info_st.h"
#include "feature/nodelist/node_st.h"

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Data Structures

struct  cert_list_t


#define DSMAP_FOREACH(map, keyvar, valvar)
#define dsmap_free(map, fn)   MAP_FREE_AND_NULL(dsmap, (map), (fn))
#define cert_list_free(val)    FREE_AND_NULL(cert_list_t, cert_list_free_, (val))
#define DEAD_CERT_LIFETIME   (2*24*60*60)
#define SUPERSEDED_CERT_LIFETIME   (2*24*60*60)


static void download_status_reset_by_sk_in_cl (cert_list_t *cl, const char *digest)
static int download_status_is_ready_by_sk_in_cl (cert_list_t *cl, const char *digest, time_t now)
static void list_pending_fpsk_downloads (fp_pair_map_t *result)
static void download_status_cert_init (download_status_t *dlstatus)
static cert_list_tget_cert_list (const char *id_digest)
smartlist_tlist_authority_ids_with_downloads (void)
download_status_tid_only_download_status_for_authority_id (const char *digest)
smartlist_tlist_sk_digests_for_authority_id (const char *digest)
download_status_tdownload_status_for_authority_id_and_sk (const char *id_digest, const char *sk_digest)
static void cert_list_free_ (cert_list_t *cl)
static void cert_list_free_void (void *cl)
int trusted_dirs_reload_certs (void)
static int already_have_cert (authority_cert_t *cert)
int trusted_dirs_load_certs_from_string (const char *contents, int source, int flush, const char *source_dir)
void trusted_dirs_flush_certs_to_disk (void)
static int compare_certs_by_pubdates (const void **_a, const void **_b)
void trusted_dirs_remove_old_certs (void)
authority_cert_tauthority_cert_get_newest_by_id (const char *id_digest)
authority_cert_tauthority_cert_get_by_sk_digest (const char *sk_digest)
authority_cert_tauthority_cert_get_by_digests (const char *id_digest, const char *sk_digest)
void authority_cert_get_all (smartlist_t *certs_out)
void authority_cert_dl_failed (const char *id_digest, const char *signing_key_digest, int status)
int authority_cert_is_denylisted (const authority_cert_t *cert)
int authority_cert_dl_looks_uncertain (const char *id_digest)
static void authority_certs_fetch_resource_impl (const char *resource, const char *dir_hint, const node_t *node, const routerstatus_t *rs)
void authority_certs_fetch_missing (networkstatus_t *status, time_t now, const char *dir_hint)
void authcert_free_all (void)
void authority_cert_free_ (authority_cert_t *cert)


static digestmap_t * trusted_dir_certs = NULL
static int trusted_dir_servers_certs_changed = 0
static const char * BAD_SIGNING_KEYS []

Detailed Description

Code to maintain directory authorities' certificates.

Authority certificates are signed with authority identity keys; they are used to authenticate shorter-term authority signing keys. We fetch them when we find a consensus or a vote that has been signed with a signing key we don't recognize. We cache them on disk and load them on startup. Authority operators generate them with the "tor-gencert" utility.

Definition in file authcert.c.

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ cert_list_free

#define cert_list_free (   val)     FREE_AND_NULL(cert_list_t, cert_list_free_, (val))

Definition at line 297 of file authcert.c.


#define DSMAP_FOREACH (   map,
DIGESTMAP_FOREACH(dsmap_to_digestmap(map), keyvar, download_status_t *, \
#define DIGESTMAP_FOREACH(map, keyvar, valtype, valvar)
Definition: map.h:154

Definition at line 50 of file authcert.c.

◆ dsmap_free

#define dsmap_free (   map,
)    MAP_FREE_AND_NULL(dsmap, (map), (fn))

Definition at line 53 of file authcert.c.

Function Documentation

◆ already_have_cert()

static int already_have_cert ( authority_cert_t cert)

Helper: return true iff we already have loaded the exact cert cert.

Definition at line 345 of file authcert.c.

◆ authcert_free_all()

void authcert_free_all ( void  )

Definition at line 1152 of file authcert.c.

◆ authority_cert_dl_failed()

void authority_cert_dl_failed ( const char *  id_digest,
const char *  signing_key_digest,
int  status 

Called when an attempt to download a certificate with the authority with ID id_digest and, if not NULL, signed with key signing_key_digest fails with HTTP response code status: remember the failure, so we don't try again immediately.

Definition at line 681 of file authcert.c.

◆ authority_cert_dl_looks_uncertain()

int authority_cert_dl_looks_uncertain ( const char *  id_digest)

Return true iff when we've been getting enough failures when trying to download the certificate with ID digest id_digest that we're willing to start bugging the user about it.

Definition at line 763 of file authcert.c.

◆ authority_cert_free_()

void authority_cert_free_ ( authority_cert_t cert)

Free storage held in cert.

Definition at line 1162 of file authcert.c.

◆ authority_cert_get_all()

void authority_cert_get_all ( smartlist_t certs_out)

Add every known authority_cert_t to certs_out.

Definition at line 664 of file authcert.c.

Referenced by handle_get_keys().

◆ authority_cert_get_by_digests()

authority_cert_t * authority_cert_get_by_digests ( const char *  id_digest,
const char *  sk_digest 

Return the v3 authority certificate with signing key matching sk_digest, for the authority with identity digest id_digest. Return NULL if no such authority is known.

Definition at line 648 of file authcert.c.

◆ authority_cert_get_by_sk_digest()

authority_cert_t * authority_cert_get_by_sk_digest ( const char *  sk_digest)

Return the newest v3 authority certificate whose directory signing key has digest sk_digest. Return NULL if no such certificate is known.

Definition at line 621 of file authcert.c.

◆ authority_cert_get_newest_by_id()

authority_cert_t * authority_cert_get_newest_by_id ( const char *  id_digest)

Return the newest v3 authority certificate whose v3 authority identity key has digest id_digest. Return NULL if no such authority is known, or it has no certificate.

Definition at line 601 of file authcert.c.

◆ authority_cert_is_denylisted()

int authority_cert_is_denylisted ( const authority_cert_t cert)

Return true iff cert authenticates some atuhority signing key which, because of the old openssl heartbleed vulnerability, should never be trusted.

Definition at line 744 of file authcert.c.

◆ authority_certs_fetch_missing()

void authority_certs_fetch_missing ( networkstatus_t status,
time_t  now,
const char *  dir_hint 

Try to download any v3 authority certificates that we may be missing. If status is provided, try to get all the ones that were used to sign status. Additionally, try to have a non-expired certificate for every V3 authority in trusted_dir_servers. Don't fetch certificates we already have.

If dir_hint is non-NULL, it's the identity digest for a directory that we've just successfully retrieved a consensus or certificates from, so try it first to fetch any missing certificates.

Definition at line 853 of file authcert.c.

Referenced by update_certificate_downloads().

◆ authority_certs_fetch_resource_impl()

static void authority_certs_fetch_resource_impl ( const char *  resource,
const char *  dir_hint,
const node_t node,
const routerstatus_t rs 

Definition at line 781 of file authcert.c.

◆ cert_list_free_()

static void cert_list_free_ ( cert_list_t cl)

Release all space held by a cert_list_t

Definition at line 302 of file authcert.c.

Referenced by cert_list_free_void().

◆ cert_list_free_void()

static void cert_list_free_void ( void *  cl)

Wrapper for cert_list_free so we can pass it to digestmap_free

Definition at line 316 of file authcert.c.

◆ compare_certs_by_pubdates()

static int compare_certs_by_pubdates ( const void **  _a,
const void **  _b 

Definition at line 530 of file authcert.c.

◆ download_status_cert_init()

static void download_status_cert_init ( download_status_t dlstatus)

Initialise schedule, want_authority, and increment_on in the download status dlstatus, then call download_status_reset() on it. It is safe to call this function or download_status_reset() multiple times on a new dlstatus. But it should not be called after a dlstatus has been used to count download attempts or failures.

Definition at line 93 of file authcert.c.

◆ download_status_for_authority_id_and_sk()

download_status_t * download_status_for_authority_id_and_sk ( const char *  id_digest,
const char *  sk_digest 

Given an authority ID digest and a signing key digest, return the download_status_t or NULL if none exists.

Definition at line 282 of file authcert.c.

Referenced by getinfo_helper_downloads_cert().

◆ download_status_is_ready_by_sk_in_cl()

static int download_status_is_ready_by_sk_in_cl ( cert_list_t cl,
const char *  digest,
time_t  now 

Return true if the download for this signing key digest in cl is ready to be re-attempted.

Definition at line 137 of file authcert.c.

◆ download_status_reset_by_sk_in_cl()

static void download_status_reset_by_sk_in_cl ( cert_list_t cl,
const char *  digest 

Reset the download status of a specified element in a dsmap

Definition at line 107 of file authcert.c.

◆ get_cert_list()

static cert_list_t * get_cert_list ( const char *  id_digest)

Helper: Return the cert_list_t for an authority whose authority ID is id_digest, allocating a new list if necessary.

Definition at line 175 of file authcert.c.

Referenced by already_have_cert().

◆ id_only_download_status_for_authority_id()

download_status_t * id_only_download_status_for_authority_id ( const char *  digest)

Given an authority ID digest, return a pointer to the default download status, or NULL if there is no such entry in trusted_dir_certs

Definition at line 227 of file authcert.c.

Referenced by getinfo_helper_downloads_cert().

◆ list_authority_ids_with_downloads()

smartlist_t * list_authority_ids_with_downloads ( void  )

Return a list of authority ID digests with potentially enumerable lists of download_status_t objects; used by controller GETINFO queries.

Definition at line 196 of file authcert.c.

Referenced by getinfo_helper_downloads_cert().

◆ list_pending_fpsk_downloads()

static void list_pending_fpsk_downloads ( fp_pair_map_t result)

For every certificate we are currently downloading by (identity digest, signing key digest) pair, set result[fp_pair] to (void *1).

Definition at line 1178 of file authcert.c.

◆ list_sk_digests_for_authority_id()

smartlist_t * list_sk_digests_for_authority_id ( const char *  digest)

Given an authority ID digest, return a smartlist of signing key digests for which download_status_t is potentially queryable, or NULL if no such authority ID digest is known.

Definition at line 247 of file authcert.c.

Referenced by getinfo_helper_downloads_cert().

◆ trusted_dirs_flush_certs_to_disk()

void trusted_dirs_flush_certs_to_disk ( void  )

Save all v3 key certificates to the cached-certs file.

Definition at line 499 of file authcert.c.

◆ trusted_dirs_load_certs_from_string()

int trusted_dirs_load_certs_from_string ( const char *  contents,
int  source,
int  flush,
const char *  source_dir 

Load a bunch of new key certificates from the string contents. If source is TRUSTED_DIRS_CERTS_SRC_FROM_STORE, the certificates are from the cache, and we don't need to flush them to disk. If we are a dirauth loading our own cert, source is TRUSTED_DIRS_CERTS_SRC_SELF. Otherwise, source is download type: TRUSTED_DIRS_CERTS_SRC_DL_BY_ID_DIGEST or TRUSTED_DIRS_CERTS_SRC_DL_BY_ID_SK_DIGEST. If flush is true, we need to flush any changed certificates to disk now. Return 0 on success, -1 if any certs fail to parse.

If source_dir is non-NULL, it's the identity digest for a directory that we've just successfully retrieved certificates from, so try it first to fetch any missing certificates.

Definition at line 373 of file authcert.c.

◆ trusted_dirs_reload_certs()

int trusted_dirs_reload_certs ( void  )

Reload the cached v3 key certificates from the cached-certs file in the data directory. Return 0 on success, -1 on failure.

Definition at line 324 of file authcert.c.

◆ trusted_dirs_remove_old_certs()

void trusted_dirs_remove_old_certs ( void  )

Remove all expired v3 authority certificates that have been superseded for more than 48 hours or, if not expired, that were published more than 7 days before being superseded. (If the most recent cert was published more than 48 hours ago, then we aren't going to get any consensuses signed with older keys.)

Definition at line 548 of file authcert.c.

Referenced by routerlist_remove_old_routers().

Variable Documentation


const char* BAD_SIGNING_KEYS[]
Initial value:
= {

Definition at line 726 of file authcert.c.

◆ trusted_dir_certs

digestmap_t* trusted_dir_certs = NULL

◆ trusted_dir_servers_certs_changed

int trusted_dir_servers_certs_changed = 0

True iff any key certificate in at least one member of trusted_dir_certs has changed since we last flushed the certificates to disk.

Definition at line 85 of file authcert.c.

Referenced by trusted_dirs_flush_certs_to_disk().